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VW Transporter 5 Speed Gearbox

The 5 speed VW Transporter gearbox like all gearboxes has its own specific issues, bearing failure is common place. If caught early enough it’s a much cheaper repair than if it is left as it will often damage the top case beyond re-use, other symptoms can be loss of drive caused by the splines wearing out on either the main shaft where 5th gear is (this requires a new main shaft) and also the stub shaft that sits in the differential and subsequently connects the drive shaft. You can find and order your VW gearbox by clicking here
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BMW Mini 5 Speed Gearbox

The BMW Mini 5 speed gearbox has some failure typical issues. They all suffer with a bearing failure, this is usually found the pinion bearing or front bearing on the lay gear, both will give an audible noise as they wear out. They also may suffer from poor gear selection problems most common are 2nd & 5th gears. You can find and order your BMW Mini gearbox by clicking here