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Clutch replacements & repairs

If you know you need a new clutch, then please ring for a quote on 01707 561 120 or Freephone 0800 9870 229

Or if you are not sure you can book a FREE Clutch Check with one of our specialists who will confirm if the clutch needs replacing or if it is something else. To book a free check simply call us on 01707 561 120 or Freephone 0800 9870 229.

About Your Clutch
Your clutch is an essential part of your car. While your only experience is maybe pressing down on the clutch pedal each time you want to shift up or down a gear, inside there’s a lot more going on that you don’t see.

The clutch plates inside your car are kept together by springs when you are driving. They separate when you press down on the pedal, to enable the gears within the car to be changed. This regular, repetitive action eventually wears the clutch down over time, and it will need replacing.

Five Signs That You Need A New Clutch
Clutches are located out of sight, so it’s not always easy to know when they need changing. There are five signs to watch out for when it comes to your vehicle’s performance that mean you could need a clutch replacement:
• The revs keep climbing but there is little increase in vehicle speed
• Loss of acceleration as the clutch ‘slips’ or a complete loss of drive
• Difficulty changing gears
• Grinding or rattling noise when changing gears
• Engine revs climb or fall of their own accord

If you’re still not sure whether you need a new clutch you should take advantage of our free clutch check. As a trusted and respected gearbox and clutch specialist, our technicians can tell you openly and honestly whether your car clutch or van clutch needs replacing, or if what you’re experiencing is a symptom of a different problem.

If your clutch is indeed the problem, then our clutch specialists can get to work straight away to repair or replace your clutch.

At Reconditioned Gearboxes Hatfield our knowledgeable team are fully trained and equipped to find the correct fully rebuilt and warranted gearbox for your car or van. In our two dedicated fitting centres our fully trained gearbox reconditioners are here to get your vehicle back on the road in the quickest time possible. Please contact us today.
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